Keyboard of Purism laptop


I’m really interested in buy a Purism laptop, but this keyboard does not fit my needs:

I’m a programmer and it looks like hell to use such small buttons for Up and Down.

Is it possible to get laptop with full-size buttons?

Librem 17, regional keyboards and GPU

+1 for this.

Librem 11 seems to have arrow keys in good shape. Please do consider putting that layout on 13.


the picture you posted does not match any currently shipping product. Where did you get that image from?

The Librem 13v2 indeed has up/down cursor keys somewhat combined with only half height. If you need full height cursor keys you might want to have a look at the Librem 15:



Hi Nicole,
Please go to:
While it is not the picture @Neo posted, and there are differences in the keyboard layout, it still sports that awfull arrow keys arrangement.


Those are the actual product images. I think the image @neo posted might have been some prototype design from the years-old fundraiser ? I’m not sure.
Anyways, like Nicole said, the Librem 15 has full sized arrow keys, while Librem 13 has the up/down keys as half-height. I actually never noticed it myself until mentioned here. I don’t think it’s aweful, but to each their preferences!


Not sure of your specific environment but I know plenty of people that end up using alternative methods of moving their keyboard cursor around. I personally use my CapsLock key as a CTRL key and many of my editors recognize “CTRL+P” as “up” and “CTRL+N” as “down”.


Me too!
Librem13 should has same size of arrow key.
I don’t mind half-size or full-size.
Identical size does matter.


Totally agree with OP & Dwaff. I love my new Librem 13, but really wish it had full-sized up/down cursor keys…they are TINY!


#meToo !
To me, it’s the single most annoying thing with my new (German, yay!) Librem 13.
I want real up/down keys and dedicated Home/End keys. I use them all the time to navigate and select text (Shift(+Ctrl)+End etc.)
For the last 5 years, I’ve been using a Lenovo Yoga 13 Ideapad. The perfect keyboard, IMHO.
If anything, I’d probably swap the PgUp/PgDn with Home/End, because I rarely use PgUp/PgDn.

Edit: Also, Delete in the top right corner is excellent. You never miss it. It might have some design-y appeal to put the on/off switch there, so that there is absolutely no key (just kill switches) outside of the keyboard area, but I think it’s not very practical. I’d rather put the on/off in a row with the status LEDs and the kill switches. Sunken, so you don’t accidently switch them.

@nicole.faerber, please consider for the next models:

A few things represent a downgrade for me, coming from the 5yro Yoga. I don’t really miss the touch screen a lot, and I can cope with the fast USB being on the right side (silly when using mouse plus ext HDD as a right-handed guy).
Some more status LEDs (Caps/Scroll Lock) would be appreciated.

The fan is way too loud and the control of the fan speed is too sensitive. That’s annoying. Moving the camera in SweetHome3D for 5 seconds starts the fan at full speed (I hope this can be improved software-side, as the same thing worked much better on the Yoga on Windows).
But really my pet peeve is the keyboard / navigation keys.

Coming from 2016 MBP 15: Librem 13 v.3 or Wait?

Yes, definitely needs a CAPS Lock status LED.


Yes, this was the first thing I though about it!