Keyboard of Purism laptop

I’m really interested in buy a Purism laptop, but this keyboard does not fit my needs:

I’m a programmer and it looks like hell to use such small buttons for Up and Down.

Is it possible to get laptop with full-size buttons?


+1 for this.

Librem 11 seems to have arrow keys in good shape. Please do consider putting that layout on 13.

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the picture you posted does not match any currently shipping product. Where did you get that image from?

The Librem 13v2 indeed has up/down cursor keys somewhat combined with only half height. If you need full height cursor keys you might want to have a look at the Librem 15:


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Hi Nicole,
Please go to:
While it is not the picture @Neo posted, and there are differences in the keyboard layout, it still sports that awfull arrow keys arrangement.


Those are the actual product images. I think the image @neo posted might have been some prototype design from the years-old fundraiser ? I’m not sure.
Anyways, like Nicole said, the Librem 15 has full sized arrow keys, while Librem 13 has the up/down keys as half-height. I actually never noticed it myself until mentioned here. I don’t think it’s aweful, but to each their preferences!

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Not sure of your specific environment but I know plenty of people that end up using alternative methods of moving their keyboard cursor around. I personally use my CapsLock key as a CTRL key and many of my editors recognize “CTRL+P” as “up” and “CTRL+N” as “down”.

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Me too!
Librem13 should has same size of arrow key.
I don’t mind half-size or full-size.
Identical size does matter.

Totally agree with OP & Dwaff. I love my new Librem 13, but really wish it had full-sized up/down cursor keys…they are TINY!


#meToo !
To me, it’s the single most annoying thing with my new (German, yay!) Librem 13.
I want real up/down keys and dedicated Home/End keys. I use them all the time to navigate and select text (Shift(+Ctrl)+End etc.)
For the last 5 years, I’ve been using a Lenovo Yoga 13 Ideapad. The perfect keyboard, IMHO.
If anything, I’d probably swap the PgUp/PgDn with Home/End, because I rarely use PgUp/PgDn.

Edit: Also, Delete in the top right corner is excellent. You never miss it. It might have some design-y appeal to put the on/off switch there, so that there is absolutely no key (just kill switches) outside of the keyboard area, but I think it’s not very practical. I’d rather put the on/off in a row with the status LEDs and the kill switches. Sunken, so you don’t accidently switch them.

@nicole.faerber, please consider for the next models:

A few things represent a downgrade for me, coming from the 5yro Yoga. I don’t really miss the touch screen a lot, and I can cope with the fast USB being on the right side (silly when using mouse plus ext HDD as a right-handed guy).
Some more status LEDs (Caps/Scroll Lock) would be appreciated.

The fan is way too loud and the control of the fan speed is too sensitive. That’s annoying. Moving the camera in SweetHome3D for 5 seconds starts the fan at full speed (I hope this can be improved software-side, as the same thing worked much better on the Yoga on Windows).
But really my pet peeve is the keyboard / navigation keys.


Yes, definitely needs a CAPS Lock status LED.


Yes, this was the first thing I though about it!