Keyboard Protector Librem 15v3

Hi all. My librem 15v3 is the gift that keeps on giving. The battery didn’t last long but that may have been bad W African electric grid (and humidity). Anyway, I love my laptop SO MUCH I’m having anxiety attacks what could go wrong. Like the always no-brainer of a keyboard spill. I’ve been searching Amazon for a silicon keyboard protector but have not found a keyboard configuration similar to mine. They have something that looks like a shower cap for US$100 including shipping. These shower caps are same problem as cling-wrap…no way to use the adapter plugs. So…I’m surprised no one else has asked.
Thanks for help,
Flash T

There are also such things as membrane keyboards. I found one in a thrift store for one dollar. It was annoying though, some of the keys you have to push extra hard. Stopped using it. Wonder if I threw it away …