Keyring unlock / Email crashes

Intermittently (maybe about a third of the time), unlocking the keyring / Email either causes the Librem 5 to shut down or causes the app to crash but the phone is still up.

Anyone else seeing this?

So the scenario is that I click Email, I then get a prompt for the keyring password, I enter the correct password, I click Unlock, and then badness.

When the app seems to crash, the screen just goes black but pressing the wake button gives normal behaviour (other than that the Email app and the unlock prompt have evaporated).

When the phone seems to shut down, it shows the “Librem 5” message on the screen as if I had chosen “Power Off” and then the phone is off. Press and hold on the wake button gives a normal startup.

When everything works normally of course, the keyring gets unlocked, email opens, accesses the mail account, fetches new mail, …

Because of my usage pattern, when badness occurs, I don’t know whether the keyring correctly gets unlocked and then it is purely Email that causes the crash - or it is the keyring unlock itself that causes the crash.

For the “Power Off” case, journalctl shows

Mar 24 09:50:48 librem5 systemd-logind[547]: Power key pressed.
Mar 24 09:50:48 librem5 systemd-logind[547]: Powering Off...
Mar 24 09:50:48 librem5 systemd-logind[547]: System is powering down.

and then an absolute mass of things actually being shut down (stopping services etc.), ending with

Mar 24 09:50:49 librem5 systemd-journald[290]: Journal stopped

However that ‘Power key pressed’ message comes up quite often in the log.

First, I thought it was a phoc crash , but something seems not corresponding to that
I’m trying to clearify this:

When the screen goes black and you do nothing, what happens ?

  1. it stays black forever ? (then you press the button and it reboots ?)
  2. it reboots to the authentication screen?
  3. it reboots to the Librem5 screen ?

if 1. or 2. it’s probably a phoc crash, and some traces of it may be visible with journalctl,
phoc 0.7.0 has just been released, it should be more stable (I will crash test that!)
if it’s 3. it would be interesting to see if there is something unusual before the message
Mar 24 09:50:48 librem5 systemd-logind[547]: Power key pressed.

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When the phone doesn’t just shut down, the answer seems to be

  1. the user interface restarts and, if you wait long enough, you are back at the lock screen (with no harm done apart from the annoyance of Email evaporating)

but perhaps often I am not patient enough and so I am getting confused with 1.

Maybe there’s an issue with pressing the wake button while the user interface is restarting???

I should try to be more patient. :wink:

There’s lots … but a problem may be that I tend to boot up and then start Email fairly shortly thereafter. So there is a lot going on. Here’s an excerpt.

Mar 24 09:50:45 librem5 systemd[1]: phosh.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV
Mar 24 09:50:45 librem5 systemd[1]: phosh.service: Failed with result 'signal'.

A SEGV can’t be good???

Yes, this is going to shut down the phone.

This looks like a phoc crash. Its new version - 0.7.0 - should have that fixed. It’s currently in the amber-phone-staging repo and should migrate in a few days:


Just as I thought then, IUOD (Impatient User On Device). :wink:

I can confirm that I currently have phoc 0.6.0 so will look out for updates coming soon and reassess this issue.