Keys fail to generate

Trying to set up thunderbird/enigmail/pgp with my email account. When I enter a password to generate my keys the enigmail set up wizard “generates” for more than an hour with no effect! Can anyone help please?

I use this combination too, but I have never used Enigmail itself to generate keys. There have been a lot of updates lately, so maybe a bug was introduced somewhere. Enigmail has been updated for EFail, and gpg was recently updated for that “signing issue.”

PureOS provides a “Passwords and Keys” utility that can also generate keys and is installed by default, but I have not used it. I am more familiar with Kleopatra, so I installed Kleopatra from the repository and I have always used it successfully to generate keys. My suggestion is to try either of those and then synch the keys with Thunderbird/Enigmail.

I do realize they use gpg under the covers, so you can always try the command line to isolate the issue.

You may already know this, but, as an aside, Thunderbird in PureOS is behind (52.8.0) and does not have the latest EFail fixes. 52.9.0 is very recent–I had been expecting 60.0–so I am waiting for it to propagate before I reopen my task in the PureOS Tracker. (I have never allowed remote content and I always force plaintext anyway, so I am not that worried about it.)

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@Libremuser, I tried the very same thing back in February with the very same results… I gave up.
So, @Wayne is probably right that you can make it work by generating the keys outside of TB, but it’s definitely not a new bug here…

Thanks Caliga, I am happy to know it is not just me! I used the Passwords & Keys app as Wayne suggested, not only did it generate keys. They magically populated Thunderbird/Enigmail! Thanks all!