Kill switch not working on librem-13

I get very strange behavior with my librem-13.

One of the kill switch (the one one the right side) kill the wireless
card instead of cutting micro or webcam ([1] is a video illustrating


I am not able at all to kill the mic.

One of the side effect is that since I switch it once, I get no
bluetooth at all (even after reboot).

On a parallel side any of the Fn-F3 and Fn-F12 keys have exactly the same
behavior (kill the wireless card only not Wifi or Bluetooth
separately) but that may be a software problem.

For now, I tested it using Ubuntu 15.10 and Debian Stretch.

Any ideas why this feature is, also, not working?

So it seems I am stupid (or tired) :-/

Librem-13 has 2 hardware kill switches:

  • 1 for microphone/camera,

  • 1 for wireless/bluetooth.

So everything is fine for this part of the librem-13.

They really need to be labeled for dumb asses like me.

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