Kyle Rankin Interview

For those of you who are not following Puri_sm on twitter:

4:00 interview start, Social Purpose company
11:00 Privacy / Security of current technology
13:30 Libre source code, PureOS
16:30 Crowd funding / demand for real libre hardware, kill switches
23:30 Kyle loves trackpoints, but touchpad is ok :slight_smile:
24:45 Hardware development iterations
26:00 Librem 11
28:30 Target audience
33:30 continue
35:15 Librem 5
40:30 laptop / phone interplay
42:30 does the phone have app xyz
45:00 future security features / HEADS / Librem key
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I not sure what he talked there, but i really nervous about kyle to genuine gnu systems. Whatever it is i just want an OS with zero blobs. I’m not interested in blobs that is why i am here and not there.