L1 Tunnel App + Tor + Proxy

I haven’t seen what the Librem Tunnel VPN application looks like but 1) I think it’s only available on android and 2) PIA is owned by a company with a less-than ideal track record. [article]
What I’d like to see added are TOR and an all-in-one HTTPS proxy configuration dashboard. This way, all our network traffic can be configured in one easy-to-use GUI. Orbot has good options for selecting which apps go through Tor, whether or not the device is a relay node, what countries are used, additional padding, etc.

This would be a huge benefit to the greater community and would make getting started with Tor much easier. Unless I’m mistaken, the only way on desktop is through the command line and requires RTFM.

I wrote my reasons for wanting HTTPS or SOCKS5 proxy support in another thread but in short it’d be good for financial sites while still giving some level of privacy while using private-public networks.

(I don’t know if this should be in the L1 or RT subforum) (I’ll probably also start e-mailing my idea requests soon, but I wanted to post things publicly first.)

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Well, the service then and a new fork of some desktop application. Maybe Eddie from AirVPN can be forked to include some additional features or default to the L1 stuff.

Either way, I’d like to see them switch away from PIA because I’m skeptical and am just waiting for PIA/Kape to quietly change their ToS & PP. But, who knows. We’d have to wait until the contract I assume they signed is over before getting another VPN option.

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A Linux friend sent me this;

Oh yes. We absolutely need Tor. I still use Orbot and Orfox on android, but I think they are is no further development. At least Orfox has been substituted by TorBrowser or so. IIRC the migration instructions told to delete Orbot and Orfox before installing the new app. I don’t know if Orbot works together with the new app. I still use the old apps because I have bookmarks which I don’t want to lose and I miss an export function. Some day I will look for a way to transfer them. Also I like Orbots country chooser which comes very handy when you want to see the web from a different perspective or bypass geoblocking. AFAIK it takes some manual work to do this with TorBrowser.

Orbot, as linked above, is still being developed. The Guardian Project apps seem to have the same issue of never being updated in F-Droid. :expressionless: Maybe it’s a bug or oversight? I don’t know. I started using Aurora Store to parse the G Play Store and get my updates that way.

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Thanks for the AirVPN Eddie and the “Aurora Store” tips.
More on topic - sort of - have you used the wireguard app on android yet?
I have started using wireguard instead of openvpn on my linux boxes - with and without tor.

No, but I have heard much praise for WG.