L11 Arrived Today! First Impressions & a potential QC issue

Glad you figured out this answer already, but for others, yes pavucontrol does work with Pipewire. It’s easier to see what output device and configuration are selected in pavucontrol IMO, but GNOME Settings does show the same information.

With nothing plugged in to the USB ports, does the headset jack sense work? Try plugging in something and check if it changes to the headphones automatically. In GNOME settings it’ll switch from “Speakers - Built-in Audio” to “Headphones - Built-in Audio”; in pavucontrol the “Output Devices” page will show the “Built-in Audio Analog Stereo” port changing from “Speakers” to “Headphones (plugged-in)”.

This confirms to me that we have a connection to the codec internally, so if it works we should continue troubleshooting output configurations, if not we need to investigate the codec.

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No, plugging anything into the 3.5mm jack causes no change in available outputs, including the name which stays as “Speakers - Builtin Audio” no matter if headphones are connected to the 3.5mm jack or not. The only way I can get sound from the device is to use a USB-C dongle as others have.

Support has confirmed a software issue and are working on a fix. I’ve stopped troubleshooting while I await their analysis and recommendations.


@seedoubleyou PureBoot 29 has been released with the fix for the audio issue, please update using the usual update instructions: https://source.puri.sm/firmware/utility#usage

edit: Please also allow the EC to reset after applying this update, so any improper verbs for the prior codec are reset:

  1. Power off the Librem 11
  2. Unplug everything, including power / headphones / USB devices, wait 10 seconds
  3. Power on with everything still unplugged, check sound again

Thanks for your patience while I put this release through all the necessary testing. I’ll mark this as a solution in case anybody else has this issue, please follow up if this doesn’t fix the issue for you.


The EC also needs to reset after applying this update, we’ve found that the improper verbs for the prior codec can persist through a reboot, I’ll edit the solution with these steps.

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I can confirm that internal audio is fixed with the flash of PureBoot 29 to my device, and only after completely disconnecting and powering down the device and letting it sit and discharge for >1min.

Thank you Jonathan for your hard work. In spite of my salt, I appreciate everything you guys are doing!


For closure on these forums, I am reporting that the issue has been resolved for me, just in case for people perusing through old threads in the future.