[L11] First questions

I don’t know if there will be a separate forum for the L11. Until this will happen, my proposal is to put [L11] into the topic’s subject.

I’m thinking in acquiring the L11 tablet and have some silly questions to support@ before doing so:

  1. Will SSH over Wifi into the L11 be supported the same way as for the L5?
  2. How the software will receive updates, also simple via apt update and apt full-upgrade
  3. How long is the battery life time when watching, for example, a movie from Internet?

For sure, more stuff to ask :slight_smile:

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Here you go.

I‘m aware of how to contact support@ but I think the QA is of interest to more folks.

Then do it. Asking questions directed towards Purism support in the community forums will not lead you to being informed about whether or not to purchase the Librem 11.

Que no sos un Gurú? :thinking:

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