L13 V4 for sale

Like new, barely used. Bought it and 2 L5’s to support the idea and Purism.

Just do not use or need it. Had used it to create conversations with folks while travelling to spread the FSF message. Travel has stopped.

Guessing it may have to be put on ebay, but thought a trial run here would make sense. Cost= ? let’s talk if interested we can find something for a win/win.

I’m not a buyer for you but a couple of points to help you get your pricing right:

  • Purism has just announced the next version of the L13 and it is quite a bit nicer (which is unfortunate for you)
  • Purism sells refurbished laptops. See web site for prices.

Thanks for the tip. Shall use it if anyone responds. I’m in no hurry. There’s a win/win/win ( buyer/me/Purism) in here somewhere. Kinda hoping for another Evangelist so it continues to be a conversation starter at airports, park benches or anywhere there is a crowd being forced to sit with each other, READ: bored enough to talk with a stranger.

My opening line is something like: “Are you into Tech stuff…?”

The hook is then: “Would you like to be one of the FEW people on EARTH that has held in their hand the cutting edge machine which is the NEXT BIG THING in computers?” No One says no.

Then comes the fun of playing Hot/Cold as I take them from them saying how BEAUTIFUL is looks & feels to challenging them to find the things NEVER BEFORE on a notebook… the switches. Now comes FSF & the 4 Freedoms which they never knew even existed.

Final play… “Can you get online now with your phone?”

First fsf.org then puri.sm. They’re always sold.

Wish I had stats on site traffic I have driven to both sites.:pirate_flag:

Sharing is Caring

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Where are you located? Whats the keyboard on this?

Hello, I’m quiet interested. Do you mind me Pming you regarding that? Do you also ship to the US?