L13V4 1st boot over & over to genome-initial-setup

New L13V4
After turning machine on and getting past the first and second requests to provide passwords, crypt then I guess user profile setting, a series of screens setting typical set up items like option choices ie: timezone etc I get a screen that says something like " Your ready to go." Start Using PureOS button appears below that statement.

I hit the button. Very quickly a default screen image of a bluish Mountains appears. In the extreme upper right hand corner 3 icons, tiny ones, are now available.

The genome-initial-setup is one of the options.

The others are ,wifi,time, and log out.

That’s it. Nothing happens when the genome-initial-setup is selected. NOTHING.

Only functioning option is Log Out.

End of experience first time trying the machine.

Try Again- Repeat.
Try Again- Repeat.
As if it is the first time all over again. Time, location, keyboard type …

I am absolutely new with Linux, PureOS bought the machine to support the idea. Just now finally sitting down long enough to try it out. Ugh… Great idea, beautiful machine, super folks. It would be great to be able to use the machine too.:grin:

I have or am still doing something wrong and haven’t a clue. Thanks for reading and any help you may be able to send my way.

New computer … formally contact Purism support via support@puri.sm

I have or am still doing something wrong and haven’t a clue.

You are not, there is a bug in the OEM setup procedure, our devs are working to solve it as we speak.

The best and fastest solution is to perform system re-install.

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Wow! That is a great message Mladen. Really!!!
I hated the idea that my skill level was so dismal with Linux that I couldn’t even boot the machine.

Doing nothing wrong, and why, really gave me the right kind of push, in the most practical and professional way, to relight the fire of curiosity to finally jump into learning PureOS FLOSSing Linux with both feet.

I shall search the forum for guidance and hopefully a tutorial to do a reinstall and return here with some notes on what I learned about was is already available incase others can be spared a few research steps to solving this for themselves too.

Again, Mladen and Kieran, thanks for your super fast response and guidance.

KOPIMI prevails!

Actually, I di not help at all, I forgot to include re-install instructions. Here they are:

You need:

  • a working computer
  • USB drive, 2GB minimum capacity
  • internet connection

First part:

  1. On a working computer, download PureOS “live” installation image: https://pureos.net/download
  2. Make sure the ISO file is downloaded completely, it should have almost 2GB in size
  3. Then download (and install) Etcher from https://etcher.io
  4. Insert empty USB drive to that computer
  5. Start Etcher and use it to “burn” the downloaded PureOS ISO image to the USB drive — there are instructions in our wiki for this: https://tracker.pureos.net/w/recommendations/burn-using-etcher/
  6. When done, you have PureOS installation USB drive

Second part:

  1. Insert the PureOS install USB drive (you prepared a moment ago) to your Librem laptop
  2. Start your Librem — and press ESC key as soon as you see Purism logo
  3. You should see a boot device selection: press the number assigned to your USB drive to boot it
  4. Wait until full system is started
  5. Perform initial setup (keyboard setup, etc) described here: https://tracker.pureos.net/w/installation_guide/pureos_initial_setup/
  6. Start PureOS installer and perform system install, following instructions from https://tracker.pureos.net/w/installation_guide/live_system_installation/

Let me need if you need help with any particular step.

Also, the above is for plain coreboot. For PureBoot instrucstions are just a bit different.

These instructions are really clear and I was able to get the system up and running.

Also, there is a complete YouTube video on this entire instruction list, dated September 2019 and still current on my reinstall on March 25th, 2020.

PureOS9 Installation Guide 2019
Apk Heaven
6:31 in length
9.8K views when I watched it.

It is VERY CLEAR. Great “Hand Holder” if your just starting down the Linux path as I am.

Next for me is the Coreboot & Pureboot learning curve.
I have a Librem Key and now need to figure out what are next steps, if any.
Which is fine, it’s not a machine I MUST use so the learning aspect is the real motivation in the first place. Slow but fun, with out timeline stresses.

Thanks for your help!

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