L14: Invalid HOTP after update

after a system update my key flashes red and I get the red screen when booting. At first I thought it was due to a boot on Feb 29, but I fixed the date and remembered I had performed an update the day before

How can I solve that?

Thank you very much!

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@anvz04 If you know your system hasn’t been tampered, you can reset HOTP with the Librem Key:

  • Options > TPM/TOTP/HOTP Options > Generate a new TOTP/HOTP secret
  • Follow the prompts; enter your Librem Key admin PIN, press Enter when asked
  • Back at the main menu, select Refresh TOTP/HOTP and it should be successful now

Normally, updating firmware will ask you to do this automatically. The failure you see means that PureBoot doesn’t match the state expected by the Librem Key, but that it was set up with a Librem Key.

This could happen if the Librem Key was mixed up with another, or if the Librem Key had been set up with another system (it can only set up HOTP with one system at a time). It can also happen if the system was tampered.

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Thank you, @jonathon.hall !

I don’t believe I’ve been tampered. It solved my problem