L14 PureOS Printing from Epiphany Web Browser


When I got my L14 one of my first feats was to achieve functional printing on my wireless Brother printer. Through much trial and error I was successful. -BUT-

While I can print files without error one thing that doesn’t work is printing from the browser. For example, if I go to a webpage and select the print button from the little hamburger icon in the top right of the browser, the print preview screen will open as expected, but when I click print - nothing. I find that I have to copy/paste the content from the page into a LibreOffice word document, and then I can print it from there.

Is there something I can do or some setting I can change so I can print directly from the browser?

Thank you.

Are you willing to fault isolate by trying a different browser i.e. Firefox?

In the original browser (Epiphany) did you at least confirm that it is choosing the correct default printer?

It may be helpful to know what type of printer application-level interface is being used with your printer. Some choices are: raw 9100, lpr/lpd, IPP.

(Not Librem 14 but) I am using printer auto-discovery and it was working fine but recently it has been a bit funny e.g. two similarly named printers but only one of them actually works.

Also, make sure that you don’t have any text selected when printing because some applications will print only the selected text, rather than printing the whole page / document.