L14 + Qubes: Constant Annoying Charging Battery Notifications

Just installed Qubes 4.1rc2 on a new Librem 14. Before I installed the new OS I ran the seabios/coreboot update utility in PureOS to make sure its flashed with the latest bios (I am running the default bios not the pureboot bios because librem keys are sold out)

Problem: Constant alerts appearing in the notification area saying the laptop is now fully charged or that it’s charging. During a session I will receive this notification many times and the powerplug will remain connected the whole time

I found a link to this tutorial entitled “Install librem-ec-acpi in Qubes” and I followed those instructions. Not sure what this software is doing but it installed without any errors. I performed the ‘cat’ commands at the end which show my start threshold = 90 and end threshold = 100.

I found a thread on these forums from back in June mentioning some issues but it looks like the recommended solution is similar to the first tutorial i followed.

I know this is supposed to the “best qubes laptop” so what am i missing here ?


This is a second but potentially related question. I found a thread on the qubes forum about a update to the Librem 14 Embedded Controlle and a link to a blog post on the purism website about downloading an iso and flashing it. No idea if I am supposed to do this or not? Its from back in October not sure if mine is already updated or what I need to do if anything…

In the end of the Purism blog post they suggest to run the verification command:

sudo purism_ectool info

So you can check if you have the latest version. If not, you definitely should update it.

We typically test the laptop against the latest stable release. If you are running a Qubes beta release then there could be various problems that they are still sorting out in the Qubes kernel and userspace.

I do recommend you ensure you are running the latest EC firmware (if you just got your laptop you should be, but if you’ve had it for months it’s worth updating). It would also be useful to test against the 4.0.4 Qubes release that we pre-install (and test) on the Librem 14.