L14 Qubes OS Wifi issue

Hi I bought Librem 14 shipped with Qubes OS 4.0 and when I finished setup the OS I faced two problems and the first problem is with the wifi adapter on the logon there is no wifi at all Qubes (Dom0) couldn’t detect the wifi adapter.

troubleshoot steps I followed without success:

1)Restart the laptop
2)turn off sys-firewall, then sys-net , and relaunch

non of that worked

2nd problem was when I plugged in the ethernet cable I was able to ping any public IP from sys-net terminal but when I try to create TOR circuit (from Dom0) it always stuck on 30% and the TOR will not get established.

I didnt mess with the default configuration and I didn’t changed or modified anything in whonix-ws-15 neither in whonix-gw-15.

I’m doing something wrong? and are there any troubleshooting steps I’m missing?

Thanks for the help in advance

If I am understanding your issue, this is the solution from my first post on this forum:

You will need to make sure that the Wifi and Ethernet devices are attatched to your sys-net vm. To do this, you need to shutdown the sys-net vm first, then open the Qube settings for the sys-net vm (either using the app menu or the Qubes Manager), select the Devices tab at the top of the sys-net Qube settings, then select the following network devices and click the arrow (>) to attach them to the sys-net vm and click Apply:

01:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9462 Wireless Network Adapter
02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Now you should be able to start the sys-net vm and then start the sys-firewall, and you will be able to use Wifi or Ethernet with any vm that uses the sys-firewall as its network vm. Also, if you do not want them to start automatically when you first login to Qubes, you can uncheck the box for “Start qube automatically on boot” in the Qube settings for these vms in the Basic tab at the top.

First, you do not want to actually use sys-net for anything like that. The purpose for sys-net is to connect to Wifi or Ethernet, and that is it. The sys-net passes these connections to the sys-firewall, which is what all other vms use. So for instance, the default vms like “personal” and “work” use the sys-firewall to get internet connection, and the sys-firewall uses the sys-net to get internet connection. None of your AppVMs (personal, work, etc.) connect to the sys-net directly, which is for security. Also, this allows the sys-firewall to be configured to block certain vms from accessing certain things. I use sys-firewall to block certain vms from connecting to the internet while allowing them to connect to my local network, for instance.

You also do not want to do anything within dom0 unless you understand exactly what you are doing and understand the consequences. The dom0 should never connect to the internet (again, unless you are confident you understand what you are doing).

Whonix 16 was released very recently, and you should follow the steps to upgrade from Whonix 15 to Whonix 16. The recommended way to do this is to install the new Whonix 16 gateway and workstation templates, and you can delete the old templates before or after. Here are the instructions from the Whonix site:

In dom0, run:

sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community qubes-template-whonix-gw-16 qubes-template-whonix-ws-16

  • Configure sys-whonix and anon-whonix safely.

In dom0, run:

sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.anon-whonix

  • In Qubes R4 and above a whonix-ws-16-dvm Disposable Template can optionally be set up as a base for Disposables. [12]

In dom0, run:

sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.whonix-ws-dvm

  • Delete the old templates if you want

In dom0, run:

sudo dnf remove qubes-template-whonix-gw-15 qubes-template-whonix-ws-15

I am not an expert by any means, but I have been using Qubes since 2018 on a Librem 13 and have been using the Librem 14 for several months now. If any of this is confusing, please ask questions. If I do not respond right away, I am sure someone else (possibly more knowledgeable than me) will provide some help.

Welcome to this community and welcome to Qubes.