L5 and PureOS: Learning "how to fish"

Hello all.

I’ve just recently received my L5, and while I had a PureOS VM I was dabbling with in the past, I am now running into practical use situations that I never needed to try to solve in the past. I’ve been using Linux-like OSes on and off since the 1990s, so I am not totally new to the idiom, but apparently PureOS is different enough from what I have done before that I am finding I don’t know how to phrase the questions I have in a way that yields search results.

As an example: when I connect to a smb share on my local network, it’ll show up in Files, but attempting to use the built in “open in Terminal” option fails, and I don’t know where in PureOS’ file structure to look for the mount point and navigate there on my own. I can’t imagine this is an undocumented thing, but I also cannot find said documentation. The information on the main Purism website doesn’t go this deep.

For clarity, that’s an example question, not the primary purpose of the post. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the lower level docs I hunger for?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Hi @NyxTheNightHerself, for better hits with search engines regarding your questions you should know that PureOS is based on Debian and should behave the same in lets say more than 90% of the functionality. But since most of the info on the net are for Debian/Ubuntu PCs there are some small differences regrading the functionality of the GUIs.
I hope that with this info you can find a lot more info regarding your problems.


Often these documents simply don’t exist. Instead you just have to find a report of someone on the internet having the same problem as you, or failing that work it out for yourself. As much of the code is written and maintained by volunteers, actually writing and maintaining formal documentation is often not a priority.

I doubt very much that there is much difference between PureOS and other Debian family distros. I think some of your issues will instead relate to the mobile interface. Some existing applications that work fine on a desktop/laptop, simply don’t work very well or at all on the phone. Purism will no doubt prioritise their effort between work at levels below the application and applications, and between different applications.

At this stage there is a community Wiki but it is neither formal nor comprehensive. It is maintained by Librem 5 users.