L5 Bluetooth stutter

Because it Burning same Firmware version. Just downgrade a version then go for newer version again.

This is confusing to me. I’m currently running; shouldn’t the version file I have copied in be recognized as different?

Yes it is a Lot Confusing, i already told purism programmers about it. So it is
Same case it happening with the micro version number on kernel.

As a coda: I did as @carlosgonz suggested and it did burn the downgraded file. Checking back and forth between version and it appears that at least for me, Bluetooth audio playback is smooth with but NOT with

Thank you for your assistance!

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Stay Purism.

I have tested with more devices now. It appears that doesn’t address audio stutter universally. I was able to listen to an entire album with a fairly new soundbar, but ran into stutter after about 3 minutes of listening in a 2012 Toyota.

How do I “downgrade” the version and “go for newer version again”. I apologize, but I am not the best at running commands in the terminal.

First check which Bluetooth Firmware version your librem 5 is shipping.
sudo dmesg | grep redpine or it same that

Yes, I understand. How do I “downgrade” the version and “go for newer version again”.

When I issue that command, I get countless lines of

[ 3594.051353] redpine_91x: Packet Dropped as Key ID not matched with both current and previous Key ID
followed by this last line:

[65457.694640] redpine_91x: RSI HCI DEVICE "hci0" open

Those lines can be ignored.

Ok, but I haven’t seen any line with firmware version.

Is the HKS ON for BT? strange… share the full log.

these files only apply to the devkit, birtch, and chestnut based on the description.

I installed the Wifi firmware:

sudo mv /home/purism/Downloads/RS9116_NLINK_WLAN_IMAGE.FW2.5.1.11.rps /lib/firmware/RS9116_NLINK_WLAN_IMAGE.rps

And on the Evergreen L5 wifi cannot connect anymore.

Because you used a wrong rps file, so go down then go up with this: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/redpine-firmware-nonfree/-/raw/master/files/firmware/RS9116_NLINK_WLAN_BT_IMAGE.FW2.5.1.11.rps

All firm is here: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/redpine-firmware-nonfree/-/tree/master/files/firmware

To track up down firmware version check year date releases.

what do you mean go down then go up?

the file you are referring to is that the same as https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/redpine-firmware-nonfree/-/blob/master/files/firmware/RS9116_NLINK_WLAN_IMAGE.FW2.5.1.11.rps

I am confused what the difference is between WLAN_BT and just the WLAN firmware

I mean DOWN to older version and UP for newer version, so if you have already [[]but not working] then first downgrade of version by using this version: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/redpine-firmware-nonfree/-/raw/master/files/firmware/RS9116_NLINK_WLAN_BT_IMAGE.FW2.3.2.3.rps


now upgrade to: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/redpine-firmware-nonfree/-/raw/master/files/firmware/RS9116_NLINK_WLAN_BT_IMAGE.FW2.5.1.11.rps

make sure delete all rps(BLOB) file everytime to updating the firmwares to prevent conflict.

perfect understood and it worked! For the downloaded file just to be clear permissions do not need to be changed and neither does it need to be executable?

Also any idea what the difference is between the firmware WLAN_BT and just the WLAN firmware?

I feel pretty stupid asking all those questions hah, mostly for the benefit who comes next.

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