L5 - Cannot leave voicemail through calls

I’ve been using L5 as a daily driver and have ran into a concerning issue which I have encountered at least 5 times (on two different L5 phones).

If I call someone who does not pick up and attempt to leave a voicemail, the other party’s automated system interrupts my message with something along the lines of, “You are not recording anything, please leave a message again” as if the modem isn’t sending my voice data for the voice mail system to pick up.

This is not an issue with the hardware kill switch for camera/mic, it is definitely in the enabled state. I do not have issues with normal calls (beyond the 750ms voice delay that I can sense through the other party’s response whenever I say something).

I’m on Mint mobile in the USA, no VOLTE enabled, and I’m unsure of the carrier for the contacts I am calling as I think this is the core of the problem. Is there a new voicemail protocol that isn’t yet implemented? I plan to make an issue in the calls repo as well to let the dev know.

Has anyone else had issues trying to record voicemails when the other party doesn’t answer?

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If I had to guess it would be that its because you have volte turned off.

To clarify … are you calling only mobile numbers and getting voicemail on the called party end that is implemented in the network?

Or you sometimes experience this problem calling a fixed line number and getting their answering machine? (That can be complicated though because some people may divert their fixed line number to a mobile number when it is appropriate to do so. I think the only way of getting to the bottom of that would be that the person records slightly different messages i.e. answering machine v. mobile network and you know the called party well enough to know which is which.)

Assuming that you have a fixed line and an answering machine then you could test this by calling yourself on the fixed line.

One I know for certain is a mobile number. The other is a lesson business out of someone’s home which is highly likely, in my area, to be a mobile number too.
I do not have a hardwire line to verify this behavior unfortunately.

If I had calls debugging set to verbose, I could probably do a test call with the offending phone + voicemail and (maybe even record it).