L5 compatibility with HP Elite X5 docking station

I have (still) an HP Elite X5 Windows Phone for which I purchased a docking station that let me insert the phone using its USB-C port and have its display show up on my desktop monitor through its HDMI port. It was billed as a convergence device that let you use your HP phone as a workstation with your monitor.

Does anyone have any experience attempting to mate the L5 with such a docking station? If so, what were your results?

If the docking station will work with the Librem 5, I would love to be able to re-purpose the docking station in service to the L5.

I have an HP Elite X3 (maybe you do to, search engines don’t seem to know a X5), and the desktop dock (Display Port out) does not work with the Librem 5 because of its physical design – the Librem 5 is just too thick to be placed in the docking station.

(The Elite X3 Lap Dock works, though – I think that if the Docking Station could be modded to fit the Librem 5, it should work.)