L5 connected to external monitor - works/not works with no apparant logic

The L5 connects to external monitor
the icon for two displays is on and the L5 recognizes that two displays are used
But the external Samsung monitor just turns black and then live again and then black and live with lines and slightly flickering etc

What may be the issue here??

If I had to guess, it sounds like the Librem 5 does not have enough bandwidth or power to support the monitor.

I would look in the journal to see whether it gives an indication of what the issue is.

Model of monitor and/or specification? (resolution, frame rate)

Type of connection that you are attempting to use? e.g. is this a direct USB-C to USB-C connection? or is there a USB-C to HDMI adapter involved? or a dock involved? or?

For direct USB-C to USB-C it’s always worth trying the cable in the 4 possible orientations.

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Sorry for late reply - did not get notifications in my emails.
Thank you.

Yes - usb c from L5 to StarLab dock to HDMI to monitor

OK, so you need to fault isolate between “it’s the dock” and “it’s the monitor”.

Or there could be compatibility issues between the dock and the monitor i.e. neither is the problem but they just don’t work together.

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Than you for your suggestions.
This happens with two different docks and with both docks it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’tt and I just can’t see a particular reason why it works for few moments or few minutes and then doesn’t work at all?