L5 does not start anymore

The device of my son does not start anymore, perhaps due to battery empty. On plugin the red LED goes on for a few minutes. If you press the power button while LED is red it switches off. If you do nothing, it switches off by its own.

What is the procedure to recover?

I inserted another battery (which I bought from Purism) and the device booted fine. After this I inserted back the other battery and now it booted fine too, and the battery was not empty, but fully charged. That’s why it stopped charging always after a few minutes before.

But why it have not booted before, even on long press of the power button?

Bug, can happen.

It seems that disconnecting the battery made it booting fine again. Is this a known issue? Does it ring bells in someone’s ears?

Btw: What is the best method to pull out the battery out of its tray?

I’ve only experienced a failure to start once, and it was because I let the battery drain all the way. Even after recharging, I had to remove, then re-insert the battery, which made it boot as normal.

The battery should have a pull-ribbon attached to it. Pull it and it will lift out the battery from the lower edge.

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I’ve experienced the same thing twice. Had to pull out the battery and put it in again to make it boot. Was a while since last time though, maybe a month or two ago. I’m not sure since it was so long ago, but I think that in my case it was also after completely draining the battery. I only have a single battery which i pulled out and put back in again.

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I am experiencing this issue more frequently. If the battery goes dead then the phone does not start even after I had charged it for very long time (12+ hours or so). The only solution seems to be removing and reinserting the battery. Is there problem with the battery or is it some other hardware issue?
@dos, @dcz Is there a solution to this problem?

Rather than removing/refitting the battery, try disconnecting from the USB charger then holding the power button for ~20 seconds.

I used to see these symptoms almost every time the phone shut off due to fully drained battery. Sticking the phone on charge briefly (a few minutes in most cases), disconnecting the charger from USB then holding the power button for ~20 seconds would bring it back to life.


Or just software?

I like how these solutions worked out fine enough! Still, I guess this post should be in the puri.sm’s Librem5 tips and tricks page. https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/community-wiki/-/wikis/Tips-&-Tricks
Still, I guess a software fix would be convenient. It’s probably a hardware problem, who knows?