L5 durability and the case for a case

Given that you have Purism’s ear, could you ask how they feel about contracting with some service or company to produce inexpensive, light/thin/flexible, heat-dissipating cases for the L5, which they can sell in the shop?

I’ve been hoping for such for 3 years now, and I imagine many others here have, also.


I think that’s a great idea - thanks! I relayed your suggestion to the product team for consideration.


Thanks! I actually avoid taking my L5 out of the house due to fear of dropping it. :rofl:

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FWIW, I’ve dropped my L5 a few times (once on the cobblestone path in Edinburgh which involved the L5 sliding glass-side down, the back panel popping off and the battery popping out), and the only signs of visible damage are a few nicks in the anodized metal frame! It’s tougher than I assumed it was!


I guess it depends on how it hits the ground. I also read a post of someone dropping phone from low height with instantly broken glass. But it’s good to know that not every drop results in higher damage.


For what it’s worth, mine was “dropped” once (inside the house, onto a hard surface). The only damage was a small graze on the metal frame.

As you say, there’s an element of luck and it will depend on the drop height.

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In any… er… case, I don’t want my baby to get scratched and scuffed. :wink:


I never really felt the need for a case on my Librem 5 USA, even though I dropped it a few times already. However, I would appreciate having more official accessories for it.


I am a phone dropping kind of person. I am using a Liberty Phone to get as good of RAM and storage as possible, and inevitably – some day down the line – I will drop it.

With my previous phones, I always ended up dropping them and breaking the screen. But the Librem 5 is thicker physically than my last phone was even when my last phone had a case on it.

Am I wrong to think that all that extra weight on the Librem 5 gives it almost a natural case of its own?

Edit: I will admit, it has occurred to me in the past that because Liberty Phones are too good of a product that society probably will not want me to have in the long term, maybe I should order several and stash them away somewhere, so I can switch to a new one whenever I drop and inevitably break one–even if they stop being available to purchase in the future. But so far, I didn’t make that investment.


It must.
I have dropped my L5 so many times at this point. Most recently down my basement stairs when it fell out of my sweatpants pocket as I was running up them.
Also recently dropped it on some bricks and it bounced off a few of them.

I am a very clumsy person.

There are a few small dings on the outer edge, and I have now scratched up my second screen protector. But the phone keeps chugging away :slight_smile:

If there was a very thin case, I might be interested. Especially if it gives some clearance around the screen in case it falls screen-first.


Yes. The weight itself isn’t adding protection.

The removable back panel and battery do add protection in that they allow that energy to disipate when those pieces fly away from the phone instead of reverberating through the phone as in the case of a modern sealed phone.

Cases use different materials to absorb that energy by deforming and allowing some of it to reverberate through the case instead of the phone.


Yes, in my not exactly informed opinion, you are wrong.

The extra weight could even be a negative. For example if the battery weighed ten times what it does and the phone falls screen down then something has to decelerate that battery at a high rate in order to stop it going through the parts in front of the battery (the main board?) and ultimately through the screen.

The thickness probably helps. The nature of the materials helps. The details of the interconnections inside the phone matter.

I think the key point is that the extra weight is not designed to absorb energy and is not present in the design for that purpose. It is functional componentry that is not designed to or intended to absorb energy.

Moral of the story: Don’t drop the phone. :wink: Or use a case.


I did and broke the screen after one week being looking around for a protection case. I found diy on a silicone potato starch/maizena softcase. On video duckduckgo.com. It became not pretty and bulky. so I ended up with an ugly construction made from a gluegun. works, but looks really homemade. :blush:


I dropped my L5 last week and the screen got badly damaged. Not only the glass is broken but in one corner there is a huge star in the glass.
Now my screen is full with vertically colored stripes. Reading text is like reading it from a very low resolution screen.
So I ordered a new L5 making use of their current price reduction offer.
It’s awaiting shipment so it will arrive soon.


I’m very sorry to hear about several of you who now have damaged phones as a result of not having a protective case readily available. I’m pushing for more replacement parts being offered in the store to corroborate the stance of encouraging right-to-repair for Purism products that you truly own. This is, of course, dependent on: expanding upon existing ERP infrastructure; website design; product procurement and shipping policy.


Your feelings are valid and you are welcome to express your frustrations and, ideally, compose a constructive proposal in a dedicated thread (or email) for review by the engineering department. I want you to feel heard and valued, but your messages would be better received if you did not scatter complaints (aka feedback that makes accusations without providing substance, guidance or suggestions for improvement) throughout the forum in unrelated threads. I’d be interested in hearing a thoughtful and objective analysis of how you feel Purism can better serve the broader open-source community… in its own thread. :wink:


Hence the case for General / Complaints Department.


Or forum moderation in general.


my glass also broke badly. but purism have servises to repair phone. I live in norway so closest repair fascility is located in germany. took short time and the phone was returned to me.


Thank you for your response.

Although the availability for buying spare parts is a must have, I find it more important to have the possibility to buy protection for the L5. If this option were available, then the need for spare parts (after damaging caused by dropping) would be a bit less urgent.

I do hope that Purism will soon offer such protection.