L5 Equipment List

The Pinephone gives an option to purchase the phone with a docking station so the phone can be connected to a monitor & so on.

The L5 can do the same, but will Purism sell the docking station in their shop?

What type / make of docking stations are currently being used to connect the L5 to a monitor & so on?

Specific names / brands & where to purchase would be great.

Thanks in advance



These USB-C hubs and cables have been tested with the Librem 5.



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Hi fsflover, great kit, however it would be easier to buy a monitor in my own country, buying & shipping a scteen from the US seems excessive.

Surely the L5 works with other off the shelf monitors?

Would be good to be able to buy the components (monitor, dock etc) separately rather than only as a convergence bundle (for example if you’ve already bought some part etc)

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The Librem 5 will probably work with any monitor that has an HDMI (with an adapter cable), DisplayPort or USB-C port, but considering that this is a new feature still being developed, we don’t have reports from L5 owners yet which monitors they have tried. If you need more info, ask @agx on social.librem.one.


The phone is just the beginning. Equipment to test when it arrives (and I’m still missing a few things):