L5 Evergreen update on May 24th leads to black screen

Are you using the uuu version from Debian or from PureOS? I don’t recognize this error, but I know our version is patched.

In case the answer is that the OP needs to build uuu using the PureOS sources but for his distro: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/community-wiki/-/wikis/Building-uuu-and-Jumpdrive

O.k., I use the snap version: “universal-update-utility 1.4.138 from frank li (nxpfrank)”

Thank you irvinewade & dcz, choosing the PureOS build of uuu solved the problem!

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Hello, after my update from may 24th the Librem 5 evergreen gets a sporadically problem: in pushing the power or volume-up button to use the Librem 5 sometimes the lock-screen lights up briefly and after a second there is a black screen. In use the volume-up-button afterwards only the speaker screen lights up. Access to the main screen is no longer possible unless a restart is performed by a hard-reset. Doing a reflash of the Librem 5 changes nothing. It is not directly reproducible it happens only sometimes.

What is the speaker screen?

it shows a screen with a speaker and shows the volume up and down, I don’t know a better explanation…

Do you mean this?

Or this?

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To begin working I can start with the power-button or by pressing the volume-up-button and then the first screenshot appears.