L5 external monitor

I have a dock and in the past I managed to get it connected to my Samsung 24" hdmi monitor

Now - when connecting the L5 mouse and the monitor to the dock - the L5 notices the mouse, and it notices it is docked and connected to a monitor but setting > display it does not show the name the monitor only and there is no output from the monitor

Any advice??

I would suggest unplugging it from the dock and then plugging it back in. Sometimes when I boot the phone while plugged into the dock it does the same thing until I do that.

Thank you
Yes, I have a visible improvment excpt the screen/desktop is shaking/moving and now it has disappeared again…

Oh okay, that is a different issue. My old dock had a poor physical connection with the USB-C port and would flicker and disappear sometimes. I bought the dock from the Purism store and I have had no problems like that since.

It used to be ok.
Any how yeah I might get the dock from purism.
I might get nexdoc