L5 for elite and PP for peasants

L5 is for the elite and PinePhone is for peasants aka students. :slight_smile:



Since you can’t actually get a Librem 5 (I ordered one 2 1/2 years ago and still have not received it), the Pinephone is for everyone.


We need every Linux phone option we can get.
The world needs every Linux phone option it can get.


Librem 5 is needed to provide reliable software for Pinephone. :slight_smile:



Let’s explore this further, shall we? First - I wholeheartedly agree. And I would like to provide a high-altitude view. There is an increasing frequency of so-called Black Swan Events (low probability/ high consequence events). There is a common component of many of those BSEs and that is centralization. We can see evidence of this in the 2008 economic crash, myriad issues regarding O365, Akamai, Google, and more. I see the Pegasus event and the Catholic Priest Grinder event as further instantiations of the untoward results of centralization. If the frequency of BSE increases, they are no longer BSEs and just simply systems failures.

And it’s a systems failure akin to the kinds of blights one sees in monocultures in farming. Blights tend to be a unique property of centralization around a single crop or set of crops in a particular region. The loss of naturally arising compensations allows for a single vector to make its way through the system and outpace remediation for some period of time.

I see interoperability and the Open Source way as the closest answer to the flaws of centralization. So for these reasons, I believe that Linux phones are a crucial component to improving our systems resiliency globally.


I like both too. One Phone for the road and out door work, and one for my suitcase!

I am sure to use some Android phone too, cause of some useless apps i need twice a year. But for privacy and for important connections to friends and family i use only my Linux phones. It is a bit like internet in the early days. A separate line to the usual phone calls and Radio, Tv or paper mail. Like e-mail.

Linux Smartphone is a new secure layer. Or like the Laptops compared with the first Desktop Computers, or Desktop Computers compared with the first mainframes and telnet access… ;D

Stop, i cant wait to get one!

I agree to a point. I like both the pinephone and the Librem 5. As it creates two major tiers of phone. One that’s relatively inexpensive that those who are not willing to spend the extra money can get their hands on a linux phone. The other is the Librem 5 allows people to get a device of better quality, but also help fund the development of linux phones in general.

Both sides help the other, as the PP helps with accessibility thus creating more interest, and the Librem 5 helps fund the efforts to improve it.


The Librem 5 and PinePhone help each other. Here are a couple examples: The L5 provides the financing to pay for the development of Phosh and the PinePhone provides the users to test and help develop Phosh and to get it packaged in the different distros. Megapixels was developed because postmarketOS developer Martijn Brahm needed a camera app for the PinePhone, and now Purism is using Megapixels in PureOS for the Librem 5. Mobian developer Evangelos R. Tzaras started working on Phosh because of the PinePhone, but the quality of his commits convinced Purism to hire him to work on the Librem 5.
See: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/community-wiki/-/wikis/Frequently-Asked-Questions#88-how-do-the-pinephone-and-the-librem-5-help-each-other-ie-why-its-stupid-to-fight


Purism might have bit off more than they could chew initially but they are learning and there is no question that they have done the Linux world a great service with the development work they have done. The PP would not be able to do nearly as much without Purism. PP demonstrates that hardware can made cheaply, but does NOTHING to demonstrate the same for software. There are no shortcuts there. Software development is expensive.

Frustration with how long it takes to get something are of course understandable. However, while Purism certainly deserves most of the criticism it faces, it is crucial to the development of mobile Linux.


This is a valid point, the price tag of the L5 excludes so many. I wouldn’t have been able to afford one, but a good soul gifted me theirs. :heart: Libre technologies have to evolve from somewhere and the L5 is breaking lots of good ice. Do not blame Purism in the price tag tought! I would rather point the finger to the current capitalist mode of production of technology.

Its important to look at the point of @amosbatto , the magic of Libre technology is that it contributes to the larger ecosystem of libre technology, regardless whether you use a PP or an L5 you are contributing to a common cause.

Do you support Libre technologies and have the money for an L5? Consider gifting one to a fellow libre comrade that can’t afford one otherwise.

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