L5 Impression in Signal-less Environment

hello, I hope y’all are having a good day

I got my L5 USA sometime in September, and had some time to play with it before my job kept me in the boonies for a few weeks last month.
The phone is certainly a downgrade in usability from what I had before, but I have a high pain tolerance and it’s been my daily driver since. I even went through the rigamaroll of registering a used car from square one with it (maps, internet, calls for taxi rides, texts for getting help with a jump). I intend on flashing byzantium later this week, and I’m excited to play with rsync over bluetooth.

While away from civilization, I noticed some odd behavior that I haven’t seen discussed yet. First, the phone became more reliable. As examples, I noticed the cam/mic kill switch is somehow tied into screen orientation. There’s also weird moments of the screen slowly dimming to off while in use, like it’s dozing off on me, that stopped when the communication switches were off. Boot up was also more reliable; at times the logo and loading wheel would display, then shut back off instead of displaying the lock screen.
Second, this phone cannot be relied upon as an alarm clock. Not only would the battery often give out before time, the phone lost track of time all together during my first week out. I could correct it manually, though it would revert at the next boot. My phone and I were living through groundhog day together the rest of my time out there.

When out there without internet for so long, people will bring entertainment and share what they have with others. This would only work from iphone to iphone, or android to android. So it was nice to blow everyone’s mind when I could use a usbc to usba dongle to share our collections of public domain epubs with either kind of phone.

for reference, while out there I used lollypop, foliate, aisleriot, mpv, files, and a text editor for taking notes - all to great effect (though lollypop’s UI could do with a six sigma review…)


Pretty sure this is adaptive screen brightness. It bugged the crap out of me when I tried to play solitaire and the phone would dim as my finger moved around. It can be turned off in the settings. I also assume it’s somehow related to this because I believe with all switches off all the sensors are disabled.

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Yep, same app. I would touch and drag the screen to wake it before it slept, and consistently it won’t wake back to original brightness until it dimmed to a certain point.
however, I do not have adaptive brightness on. Plus, my experience with that is it’s more jittery than this sleepy behaviour.
Dim when inactive is turned on but that’s an immediate switch to the lowest brightness instead of a slide

It’s possible this has been addressed with byzantium, but I won’t know until I try it