L5 LED and Battery Drain

One thing I noticed, is the battery drain is greater when you have a blue flashing notification light.

Which brings to mind, sometimes I’m notified of an pending update. I see this in the morning when I wake up and when I click it, it says it is already updated. Why does it bother? It runs my battery down. (I recharge during the day.)

Sounds buggy.

It may help if you change the time of day when it checks for updates. I imagine that what is happening is that it is checking for updates overnight, finding an update, generating the notification, so the blue LED comes on, and stays on for many hours until you get up and acknowledge the notification.

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Thanks. Although I would think they could stop the false positives …

if update .true. 

I think the LED is not the actual issue draining the battery but the software stack below triggering the LED. Because obviously something needs to cause the blinking which I would assume means the processor can’t be in suspension.