L5 Maps app that can contribute to Open Street Map

I live in an area that is not really well mapped as far as addresses are concerned by Open Street Map. In my android phone I was using OSMAnd to contribute addresses and business info of places I would visit. Now that I am on Librem 5 I noticed the GNOME Maps app allows me to sign in to my account but doesn’t seem to have an option to contribute info back.

I looked at Flathub but I didn’t see any that explicitly labeled it as a feature. Are there any apps that would run on L5 that has the ability to contribute?

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You can add info on: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=5/38.007/-95.844 then later upgrade ur maps if offline.

So basically update map info through the website only. I figured I would try that if there wasn’t an app that could do it.

Gnome Maps can technically do it but you would need a mouse to do it. Right-clicking with a mouse offers the ability to add or edit a location, though long tapping doesn’t emulate a right-click currently (tested with a Pinephone).

It seems that they will eventually support touch gestures when they move to GTK 4 and change their display library to libshumate.

Here’s the closest issue I could find: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-maps/-/issues/452


It looks like Maps will have the libshumate and GTK 4 changes ready for GNOME 43. Hopefully this will make it more touch-friendly.


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I stared a discussion to make Organic Maps mobile-friendly:

The goal is to be accepted as GSoC project.
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Subscribed to the discussion. organicmaps is a really nice application and it would be great if it would become available for the Librem5, also.

Updates would be very much appreciated :slight_smile: .

Welcome. You can also vote there to show your interest.

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Voted to make the fastest maps application on my android tablet available to mobile linux.

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I can use organic maps on the L5, but without GPS.