L5 not displaying contacts names on incoming calls

I have this problem, I’m not certain that’s always been so but it’s been like this for a long way now. Call history shows the contact name, but when the phone rings, only the phone number is shown on the screen (btw: the screen doesn’t wake up on an incoming call, I have to push the power button in order to see the call app and answer the phone).
This is particularly annoying since not having the possibility to blacklist number, I end up answering any idiot. If the contact name is shown I could store unwelcome numbers on a specific contact (“Spammers”, for example) and simply avoid answering when they call.

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I think this should be added as an issue (or two separate issues) here https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/calls/-/issues if there is no such issue already existing.

As a workaround, I think it might depend on whether the country code is included in the phone number you have saved for that contact. I you edit the phone number for the contact by adding/removing country code, it might work.


… and the other side of the coin … the call history doesn’t show the number or the type of contact number.

The point is that I typically enter a person into my contact list with multiple phone numbers associated (e.g. mobile, work, home - as the type of contact number). Then from the call history I can’t see whether the call was from e.g. mobile, work, home - which makes it unsatisfactory to dial from the call history much later on. (It’s usually OK if returning a call immediately.)


On my Android phone, I used to be able to separate friends from others in my call list by whether a phone number is displayed or a name is displayed (business or personal name) in my call list. The idea is that if they were important enough for me to manually enter their name in to my personal directory, I must know them somehow. That doesn’t work anymore. Most often I see business names displayed, even when I never created a listing for them.

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Beforehand I wanted to check if this happens to me only or if there are tweaks that might help.

Without country code the contact name is not even shown on the call history. I had to manually add it to all my contacts.

I’m not seeing that behaviour. I imported all my hundreds of contacts from elsewhere and there is not a country code anywhere to be seen - but the names do come up correctly in the call history.

It may depend on how your mobile provider sends the calling id???

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Perhaps … that never affected Android. Not that I want to have another spy-phone.
Just a detail: do you separate group of digits, or the country code itself, by spaces or symbols?

I have 0 contacts that include a country code, so your question does not arise for me, but I would suppose that there is no punctuation of any kind. No spaces. No symbols. Just a sequence of digits, starting with the country code.

That’s the format that mmcli ... displays the phone’s own number. However phone number format varies from country to country.

This may or may not be relevant, but on manjaro-phosh, when texting someone it sends it off with the country code (which looks like +1XXX…), whether my contact entry has it or not, and when a response arrives the country code is gone and it appears as a separate text. If I respond to that new text, the new responses from them come back in this new text conversation. Strange and annoying, frankly.

FWIW I use Verizon in the US. It appears my pinephone wants to use country codes but the carrier doesn’t, so perhaps @irvinewade is onto something.

All my contacts are in international format +33
for France.
The name of the contact is displayed when I receive a phone call. However, if the name of the contact recorded in the address book is long, the display is shifted when a call is received from this person.

Looks like they forgot to wrap the text.