L5 on monitor usage

If I want to display my L5 on the monitor and use it, I only need a usb-c to hdmi/DP cable and simply connect the usb keyboard, and usb mouse to the monitor to use the L5 at full extend?

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To my understanding a “one cable from phone to monitor” solution only can work if your monitor has USB-C input. I have such a monitor (a NEC bought in 2019), and I can use a USB-C cable for display, power, and inputs (mouse and keyboard connected to the monitor’s ports) with my Lenovo T14 from work - but not with my private PineBookPro.

With the usb-c to hdmi adapter cable you’d just get the phone’s video output on the monitor, I suppose? For everything else you’d probably need some kind of “docking station”/ hub, as is also in use at my office for the T14. Of course you could also use bluetooth mouse and keyboard instead.

See What kind of monitors or TVs can be used with the librem 5 on the community Wiki for a list of tested monitors (empty so far) and hubs.

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Or touchscreen instead. (Didn’t work very well when I tried it with my Librem 5 though.)

Since I don’t have an account on their git, can you pls add “Sandberg USB-C to HDMI Cable” as not working? I just tested it. Got no output, nothing.