L5 pre-order for sale

I had hoped to replace my ancient Droid Razr M with a Librem 5 but can wait no longer. The Razr has been more and more unreliable, shutting down suddenly even when charged. I got a Pixel 4a on Ebay and am trying Calyx (not an ideal situation – even ‘de-googled’ Pixels display a Google splash screen before booting into custom Android ROMs.) But I’m sticking with it and need to sell my L5 pre-order. I’d like $699 or best offer received before 01:00:00GMT Wednesday April 20. Please message me privately if you are interested.


I set a deadline of a week from posting in anticipation of much interest in an L5 for around half the current price of $1,299, and a place in the queue well ahead of orders placed now. Well, it’s still available. Will update this post if/when it is sold. Again, please message privately if interested.