L5 screen protectors

I have two screen protectors (below), now not required. They are free to a good home, worldwide, free. I’ll post them free of charge. First in with a POLITE PM gets them. I stress polite.


I have interested in 1 screen protector of bottom.
Why not saves for Librem 5 Fir?

Hi. These are screen protectors. For all I know Fir may be different dimensions

Yes screen protector. I have i bought one ANTIGLARE screen protector for my librem 5 but i do not like how is looking the display, so i want change for CLEAR screen protector.

Yes it will different dimensions but i guess that on front like the display will same dimension.

Do you want me to send these? They are clear supposedly. Still in the box they came in. I haven’t opened them

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Yes i need it, i will send u the address on direct message.

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No worries. Send it through and I’ll get it away this week.

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I wanted to point out that the Purism shop now offers screen protectors.


The page is pretty devoid of info…


Has anyone here bought one?

Just installed the Matte ViaScreen protector, wasn’t really that hard, and i liked the sticky alignment tabs which helped centering the protector.

Benefit is its matte, and brighter than the Purism one, also the edges aren’t as sharp making edge scrolls a little easier so far (less pushing required).

I got the Purism L5 privacy screen as part of my Evergreen shipment (the clear screen protector wasn’t available at the time, or maybe I missed it). I installed it right away, while the L5 screen was still new and clean.

The privacy part works reasonably well when the phone is vertical, people to your left and right aren’t able to see what’s on the screen. If the phone is horizontal however, the display remains almost clear even at an angle.

The privacy screen seems to scratch quite easily; I’ve played around with the phone for a week now and it has already a couple of scratches. They’re tiny, but still, I don’t remember anything that could have caused that, and I didn’t carry the phone in my pocket with sharp objects.

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