L5 Update & Upgrade


I just performed an Update and Upgrade about 30 mins ago.

I rebooted the phone with a successful pass phrase, and lock screen password passed sucessfully.

After passing the lock screen another password entry is required before accessing the desktop. I used my lock screen password with no issue and had access to the phone.

Has anyone seen this? What might it be?

(See attached pic)

You must’ve entered a password for your keyring where credentials (email, SIP, matrix, online accounts, etc) are stored.

Ideally it would unlock your “login keyring” when it boots, but this currently does not work yet (unless you’re using a display manager AFAIK).

You can open seahorse (or “Passwords”) to view/lock/unlock your keyrings.

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… and note that any given application may or may not store its credentials in a keyring called “login”. On my phone, Geary stores email credentials in a different keyring, so even if “login” were to get unlocked, it wouldn’t help Geary - unless the other keyring credentials themselves are stored in “login” (in which case unlocking “login” can serve to unlock other keyrings as well).

I personally prefer not to have this “avalanche” of unlocked credentials based on logging in but some people may prefer to prioritise convenience over security.