L5 with AweSIM: Mobile disappears

Anyone having issues with their L5 cell service disappearing? I have an L5 USA with AweSIM. On the whole, cell service is good, functionally the same as my iPhone with AT&T.

But at random times, cellular disappears, as in, bars are grayed out with a line through them. When you go to settings, the mobile tab is missing. Kill switches are in the on position and turning them off/on doesn’t help.

Resetting the phone always clears it up, but this is happening frequent enough to be a nuisance.

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I think what you are seeing it this issue that has been around for a long time but unfortunately is not yet solved:

Not specific to AweSIM, I think the problem is the same regardless of what SIM card you are using. Looks like it is considered a high priority issue since it has both “important” and “critical” labels on it.

I see it too on my L5, need to reboot sometimes to make the modem start working again.


That’s probably what it is. Hopefully it gets sorted out at some point.

No worries, it is only Stingray getting its bearings on you or the cell tower taking a dump. :slightly_smiling_face:

(The above is only a anthromorpic metaphor, I don’t think they need to take it down to collect old data.)

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I had luck getting the modem to work again by toggling the Modem hardware kill switch (usually more than oncee, and with waiting a few seconds before turning it on again, and then waiting a bit for the Modem to reappear - which, while not entirely convenient, is more convenient than rebooting.

These USB disconnect issues plague the PinePhone too, and people in “PinePhone land” have been developing all kinds of scripts (and more advanced solutions like eg25-manager) to mitigate the problem. The key problem with these issues is that not all devices seem to be affected in the same way, and even if you are affected, it can take a while to occur again when you try to reproduce the issue, making it a tough problem for the devs to reliably fix for everyone.

I hope someone from Purism can comment on what a user can/should do to mitigate the issue.

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I wonder if it’s a deeper kernel issue because on my laptop running linux mint my wireless mouse doesn’t work right after waking from sleep, been and ongoing thing for years (I’m running the latest version), I have to unplug and re-plug the dongle. Is it perhaps that the modem goes into a low power mode when not in use (just enough to ping the towers) and therefore is waking from sleep and the port doesn’t re-innumerate the hardware properly? So maybe it’s a USB issue in general or certain USB hardware interacting with the kernel? Just my $0.02.