L5 XMPP/Jabber on 4G?

Has anyone successfully used XMPP/Jabber on the Librem 5 on 4G? With Phosh/Arch/PinePhone, I am able to successfully make calls and send texts with Pidgin via XMPP/Jabber and my jmp.chat phone number, but on 4G, the XMPP/Jabber client does not connect. I have tried several clients.

Any ideas?

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I’m using XMPP with Chatty and it works fine on mobile data on my Librem 5. Dino works too.


Yeah, I wanted to mention Dino IM as well. It works great on the Reform, and should work well on the L5 as well.


That’s great to hear that at least it should be possible :ok_hand: I wonder if it could be a difference in the default configurations in Arch versus PureOS/Debian?

I got this working today! The XMPP connection still doesn’t seem to get through at all via 4G, but I installed protonvpn-cli and connected to that, and voila! I can use XMPP/Jabber through 4G by connecting through a VPN.

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I’m curious, does the rest of the internet work for you on 4g with no VPN?


Yes, web browsing, updates, calling, and texting (sans MMS) all seem to work fine, so I’m not sure why XMPP isn’t getting through.

Based on what you are describing your carrier is blocking specific traffic or ports. That is weird.