Lack of discussions?

I got the feeling, that the people here are stopping creating new topics and also somehow stop getting curious to create new useful questions. Is it just me ?


Well, there’s a lack of delivery…

if folks are getting the Librem 5 into their hands I think this forum will explode like the Pine forums exploded after the releases of their devices.


these two should be enough to get us going. LOL


This forum has existed for quite some time. Have you ever considered that perhaps the people frequenting this internet destination have already asked all the questions that wanted to be asked? Have you, in fact, tried searching for whatever possible thing you wanted to talk about, and see if it hasn’t already been discussed?

Or… perhaps this is Purism’s community forum, and not reddit?


So no memes here? :C


The hype is somewhat dying down, which is understandable given the delays. As mentioned there’s a lot of questions already asked and answered. The phone needs exposure to the general public to gather interest, and for that you need a released device.
So pretty sure that when evergreen is out, this place will be crowded with new topics :slight_smile:

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Yes, the r/Purism forum has more new posts and is useful because the posts often have links to the toots of the Purism developers and links to developments of the PinePhone, but the discussions are toxic. People don’t even try to be polite to each other.

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But you do! I’ve seen you there, always polite even in the middle of all those angry redditors :smiley:

Keep it up.


To me, it seems a few of people here ordered the Librem 5 and don’t own one of the laptops (like me). So as their excitement dwindled, as they waited they left the forums. But like @vancha said, people, will be back once Evergreen is released.

I’m basing my assumption on the greater engagement posts have had that were about the phone, general Purism, or privacy topics then posts talking about laptops or OS issues.

I looked at Reddit years ago but I never liked it and thought it was too negative and bro culture.

If there’s an easy way to extract the data from this forum (other then writing a web scraper) I’m interested in analysing my hypothesis. Trends over time would also be interesting but I don’t know if the forum program tracks this (website hits, user views, etc.) data or Purism keeps it.


If threads, like mine “Kazmroz Science” are surreptitiously closed, without any indication of why, is why. I asked why and got no answer.

That thread, was opened by another blogger on Purism, not me,


May 10

@kazmroz please accept this gift of your very own thread where you can discuss to your heart’s content and no one should give you flack for the discussion going off topic as it is your thread so you are always on topic.

that gift was made for my exclusive use, at the behest of those interested in what I had to say. But what I said was not to the liking of some others who are so far, unknown and anonymous, who got a Purism “support tech” to listen to that anonymous one who decided on their own that I was not to be tolerated and got closed down. Politics about what some would like to censor, is getting in the way of free speech, here on Purism.

I do agree it was garbage that your thread was summarily and inexplicably closed. @joao.azevedo, did they do something wrong? Is there something that was missed that we should be aware of?

I totally agree. I love Linux and its idea and use linux for everything I do. Personally I bought the Librem5 only because it is a linux phone with free hardware and I asked the questions I needed and I asked for the answer to the questions that interest me. When Evergreen arrives I will probably ask more questions.

At the time I closed it because it was considered way off topic, but I can review it again.

But it would be great if people would learn to ask random questions in more general forums instead of just picking a forum about a specific topic. There are other channels for approaching admins instead of hijacking another thread.

Also, flagging other users’ posts to try to initiate an unrelated discussion is not cool. Just so that everyone is clear about that kind of behavior: the next person who uses that “hack” to try and negotiate with me about some minor moderation issue will get banned.

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Yes, please do review my thread. The topic was primarily to indicate to Purism, as in the people who choose which chips get to be used in the computers and cell phones assembled by Purism, which chips may be manufactured in the near future, under the guidance of the quantum level mechanisms as predicted by the Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics(GUT-CP). The discussions and comments were mainly about the validity of the GUT-CP, as questioned by those commenting to my remarks. My answers were then mainly about indicating citations of peer reviewed papers that were regarding tests of the theory, and which papers in fact fill the requirement of validating the theory. These validations then could be scrutinized by Purism to make sure that what was claimed by the theory, was worth following up on, in procuring chips developed by chip designers under the guidance of GUT-CP.

The end goal is then to inform Purism of a competitive edge that would give them, long before others are aware of the availability of such chips.

As best I can tell the thread has stayed on the topic and kept posts like this

Out of other the more product focussed parts of the forum. This thread was started in round table intentionally as, at the time of the thread creation, round table allowed for topics that were not explicitly related to Purism.

@kazmroz I understand you’re very passionate about this topic, but derailing other threads with your beliefs is not a productive way for being allowed to continue your conversations on that topic. Bringing up the sciences here in this thread does not help. Stop. Take a breath. Read to understand instead of reading to respond. Then read again with the new understanding and see if that impacts your perception of the message further.

For what it’s worth, at least on the mobile site, initiating DM’s isn’t exactly intuitive and only in confirming this is still the case did I discover that I could click your name then click moderators THEN I could initiate a message with moderators.

I’m not saying this to forgive the lack of effort by others but rather to shed some light from the perspective of someone that’s been on the forums for a bit.

I know this thread has derailed a bit, but the initial derailment was pretty on topic this time.

Hopefully at least part of this was helpful for someone.


I mentioned my situation on “Lack of discussions?” since it seemed to fit as having something in common with what was mentioned on that thread, about not enough comments being made, in general. Having my thread closed seemed to fit the case of comments being cut back, which could be seen as one more reason why there could be a lack of discussions, in general. So I used that as an opportunity to see if that could help me get my thread back up, not to derail anyone. I had tried contacting admins to get to understand what happened that got my thread closed. Since did not get a response, I was left hanging in mid air with no way to understand what happened. So I felt I needed to use any other opportunity that presented itself. No derailing intended.

The discussion here is a lack of discussions about the Librem 5 phone - that’s why it’s in the Phones (Librem 5) forum, not anywhere else. People aren’t talking about a lack of discussion around any of the other products here.

Categorization and focus are important and relevant components of effective communication.


OP never specified. Perhaps this thread is in the wrong forum? You seem to know well that misplaced threads happen, so assuming the topic solely based upon its forum location isn’t reliable. Thus, your subjective rationalization, though sound, isn’t a valid argument against someone else’s sound, subjective rationalization.

Additionally, this is a good example of how the flow of conversation can drive the topic elsewhere without anyone realizing it and the thread becoming surreptitiously hijacked. Categorization and focus gets away from us all.


So, getting back to original question regarding closing the thread of Kazmroz Science, when will it be reopened?