Lap Dock delays WTF?

Can someone explain what the issue is with getting the Lap Dock restocked? Is it something Purism has to do additionally to the product? Is it on NexDock’s side? Is there a minimum order requirement between Purism and NexDock that’s not funded? Months of waiting without visible reason is frustrating.


It would actually be good to know if Purism was modding them to make them more privacy focused by default. Would make the wait seem a lot more worth it.


Is it possible to just use the Librem 14 screen and keyboard as a form of “dock” for my Librem 5? Seems like there would be a way, but I didn’t go and figure it out, yet.

Edit: I went ahead and ordered a NexDock 360 from the NexDock website as well. I’ll be okay with having 2 in the end. I’m interested to learn if the Purism one has wireless disabled – or no wireless at all – which would make me like it much, much more if so. I am very OK with using wires. Wires seem very human to me.

NexDock website had no “wired only” option available but I ordered the product because I was interested to see it, and the price is pretty decent.


Not as far as I am aware of, but I do not have HDMI or DisplayPort cables to test the concept.

On X11 systems I’ve been using VNC for decades. There is a project for VNC for wayland, but it is listed as a work in progress.

One nice feature of VNC servers is that they can be completely independent of whatever is on the screen of the host device and can have arbitrary diemnsions.

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The lapdock that ordered from NexDock earlier this morning says it shipped. Seemed like less than 24 hours before it shipped, as opposed to 6+ months.

I don’t live in california though, so it’ll be a few days before it gets here.


As an update on this, my Nexdock 360 from the Nex website was delivered and now I am writing to you from the dock. It seems fun so far. However, as theorized earlier in this thread, this Nexdock 360 from the Nex website is trying to be feature-ful rather than secure. It seems that if the Librem 5 goes to sleep, it activates some “Android mode” and offers to connect to nearby device(s) over bluetooth.

I actually really like the HKS’s on my devices, and prior to getting my Librem 14 for a long time I used an old Lenovo thinkpad which as it happened also had an HKS to turn off wifi and bluetooth. I was raised by folks who believed that invisible electromagnetic waves could affect the human body similar to sunburn, and so I enjoy turning them off when I don’t want them. From my limited time using it thus far, I wish that my new Nexdock had a better or more straightforward way for me to turn off radio-style communications of all kinds, even if it were like an airplane mode and even if it were only from software. Maybe such a setting exists, but I didn’t find it yet.

If Purism sends me a wired-only Nexdock later this year when they ship my Purism order from 6 months ago, I might switch to entirely using that one rather than this one.

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Did you ask NexDock?

Does it have an on-screen display (OSD) and have you mined that out? (You’re obviously not going to get a HKS but at least if there’s a software setting, that is better than nothing, depending on your goals.)

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Nope. I haven’t gone and located how to talk with their humans yet. So far only used the web store buy button.

There’s an onscreen display with a lot of symbols and few textual descriptions. It’s quite possible one of the symbols is an airplane mode and I don’t know it yet.