Laptop arrived today. Shipping box was tampered


Arrived via FedEx. One side of the box had clearly been opened as the tape crossing the box seam was cut and when it was taped back together, the edges of the tape do not line up. I haven’t opened it yet. What should I be looking for re: tampering with my computer? I have taken some pictures.

Preventing shipment interception, providing hardware integrity verification

I talked to Customer Service at FedEx and they did not have any record of opening the box for any reason. Also sent Purism support an email and waiting to hear back.


Did it cross international borders? Customs perhaps?


No. Domestic via FedEx standard shipping


Was it delivered to you in your hands or left on your porch?


The FedEx tracking number specified “signature required” but the driver just set it on my porch. I have a security camera system that covers the entire area and I picked it up off the porch minutes after it was dropped. Nobody handled the package between the time the driver set it down and I picked it up.


Ouch :slightly_frowning_face:

I have linked to your thread (i.e. this thread) from the thread discussing how to improve tamper-detection in Purism’s shipping practices: Preventing shipment interception, providing hardware integrity verification .


I would advise you keep pestering FedEx and get purism involved. I reckon they would accept a return/replacement as once they check that it’s not tampered with it can be resold.


Hmm, sometimes, during the shipping process the tape can be opened from being moved around. (They aren’t too gentle with boxes.) Many times they re-tape it themselves. It could be that, and therefore nothing was messed with it. But who knows.


I can not call my self a librem owner (yet), but would be interesting if someone who recived a librem can tell if the notebook package it self not the shiping package is of that kind that tampering would be obvious. Because @2disbetter is right shiping damge happens often. If not i would return it.

Just a not so seriouse side note: If signature is requiered, do you realy recived a package?


Purism advised that I could reinstall Coreboot and O/S or return the item to them and they would do it for me.

2disbetter: The tape crossing perpendicular to the box seams was clearly cut with a knife, not accidentally ripped from rough handling.

ramnasko: The laptop itself was not in any additionally sealed package. It was in a plastic bag that was folded, not sealed on one end. The Qubes flash drive was in a very flimsy plastic film that one could easily open and close without leaving any evidence of opening. No tamper resistance inside the shipping box for any product.

I have pictures of each step of package opening.