Laptop hangs when set down with charger connected

I have a LIbrem 13 v4 and noticed this intermittent issue. When I set down the laptop and the barrel port charger comes in contact with the desk/bed, sometimes the laptop just restarts.

Interestingly, this happens with other chargers as well. If the power from the charger is turned off, the screen just hangs. It seems like some loose cabling inside the barrel port.

The issue is intermittent so it’s difficult to take video etc.
Has anyone faced something similar?

I opened the back panel of the laptop but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Could anyone advise what to do?

Just poor build quality I guess. I had a build quality issue with my Librem 15 v3 as well where the hinge had come loose while shipping. Support just told me to pop it back in, mentioning it’s a common occurrence as if there’s nothing wrong with that…