Laptop power plug Aus/NZ

Australia and NZ uses the same power (240V/50Hz) as EU and UK. It’s just a different connector. Sure, a cable is just $0.95 (+ $4.99 shipping) on trademe, but it’s a bit annoying. Surely Purism’s cable provider could provide these cables as well?

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Cables are fully rated for 100-250Volt/10 Amp applications
Maximum 500W

Say what now? Not sure I would trust that cable.

I have also previously suggested: In some sense it would be helpful if the AC/DC adapter were available with an IEC 60320 C13/C14 connector, as an alternative to the connector that it does have - and the customer would choose which adapter and then (for this case) would order without the power cable.

The AC/DC adapter comes with an IEC 60320 C5/C6 connector, I don’t see how changing to a C13/C14 connector would change anything for the better?

And that cable has been working fine for me.

To be clear, I’m just talking about the cable that goes between the power outlet in the wall and the power brick. It’s a dead simple piece of equipment.

The assumption is that either customers already have that power cable just lying around spare or that the cable can more readily be obtained (as a more widely available / more widely used cable).

Ah, I see. I view the C5/C6 as a very common and ubiquitous power cable used with lots of laptop power bricks. I’m just a bit surprised that purism isn’t offering it with AU/NZ plug.

It is. But C13/C14 is used with other things as well.

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