Laptop suitable for running pureos

i’m seeking a laptop satisfying some (in my fantasies, all) of these criteria:

  • less than £600, preferably less than £500 (yes, the use of £ means it will be ordered from and delivered to the uk, which leads to the next item)
  • preferably from a company with a presence in the uk (prior to brexit i would have been equally happy with a company in europe, but now i’d like to avoid the hassle and extra cost)
  • preferably from a company with a focus on linux who will make sure all the hardware works well with linux
  • the fewer non-free binary blobs needed the better, but this is not a crucial requirement
  • repairable (e.g., access to spare parts) or robust against injury or both (the person this computer is for is prone to injuring their laptops)

i’m aware of juno computer, entroware, and star labs as uk-based sellers of linux laptops. (i think there was also station x, but they seem to have disappeared.) are there any others?

the star labs starlite might be a solution to this, but i’m wondering if there are other good options i should consider.

unfortunately, the price of a librem 14 means it is not an alternative.

long live libre software and hardware!

I wonder if one could/should turn a Raspberry Pi into a laptop.

What about System76? It’s not quite as inexpensive as you want but a lot less than Librem 14. They make a big deal about user repairability and modification. AMD, not Intel, if you care. For example:

They use coreboot, so seem to be trying to accomplish the same thing as Purism, but no red/green dongle option (which is growing on me, I’m just worried that Purism isn’t going to be around forever given the backlog issues I’m hearing).

Sure, it has already been done, with the pi-top e.g. NB: Pi board not included.

It is doubtful that it would run PureOS though.


I’m not sure if TUXEDO Computers (Germany) or SLIMBOOK (Spain) meet your criteria but I figured I’d at least mention them. I’ve never bought anything from them.

Both of them are pretty expensive, though SLIMBOOK’s starting price begins at 679,95 €, not including taxes and fees.