Laptop unusable again

Since my laptop continued having issues, I have run it in a special mode for a few months. I would not use it for anything, I would just run the system update scripts once a week. My objective was to see if the system stays stable.

Predictably enough, it did not. After the most recent update I was prompted to to do from the UI, the OS would not boot into the UI but into the shell instead. Once again: I have been doing nothing on my laptop for several months but updating the OS until it broke AGAIN!!!

At this point I am exchanging emails with the support that does not seem to be able to identify the problem, much less to fix it. Again: This is a $3,000+ laptop that was already broken for two months (hardware) and now it is broken again (software).


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I read your entire post history, so I am informed about your situation except your private correspondence to Purism support:

  1. First off, decide whether you want to use Coreboot + SeaBIOS or PureBoot (Coreboot + Heads) for boot firmware: PureBoot is for advanced users and can be difficult for someone expecting a $3,000+ laptop to work out of the box justified solely on price alone; Coreboot + SeaBIOS is significantly more simpler, but you lose cryptographic tamper protection of boot firmware using your Librem Key.
  2. Second, decide on what operating system you want to use; I can provide detailed advice for installation and configuration of either PureOS or Qubes OS.

Be brief and explicit, and backup any important files before seriously replying back to me.

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I have been going back and forth with the support for about three weeks now. They kept sending me shell statements that were essentially clearing the apt cache, removing some packages and reinstalling others. None of that worked because quite obviously they have NO IDEA what was wrong and how to fix it. At this point it looks like they have run out of sh*t to throw at the wall and the communication is no more.

In terms of re-installing an operating system. I never understood why Purism took arguably the best Linux distro, Debian, and bastardized it. What was the reason for that? Wasn’t Debian not good enough for you? I have quite a few arguments to believe that even if I reinstall your distro, it will break again. I want Debian on my laptop. If that needs to remove all the security features first, so be it. I don’t care. I have owned this laptop for about a year and it was completely useless waste of my money.

If you want to complain about Purism in your own public journal instead of actually working towards a solution and acknowledging my questions, I suggest posting in the Purism subreddit instead, where other entitled customers exist to perpetually fume and spite them.