Latest L5 batch finish?

Having just read an article about the Chestnut (I think it was) finish, does anybody have one of these, or is it Dogwood next that they could advise about re the finishing? This article spoke of poor camera alignment, over runs of glue plus other things. It was generally a positive review but the finish sounded like a worry.

And before anybody asks, the article was in my Flipboard ‘Linux’ feed. It was on somewhere.

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Thanks for that. I’m not on a machine where i can copy and paste.

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Are you on the iphone? LOL

I think in the timeline they posted way back about the differences in each batch communicated that each iteration would be more refined/finished than the previous one.

iphone? How dare you insult me sir! Old tablet actually. A nightmare with my fingers!

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FYI, copy and paste was added in iOS 3.0 which is what now, 10 years old?

I know because I used to be an Apple fanboy. Haven’t had a Mac since OS X 10.6 or an iPhone since the 3G however.

Oh, nice. :laughing: