Lawsuit against Purism topic was removed by Purism

Purism keeps removing topics related to lawsuit against them and ban people who speak open.

And they are right. Why do you think they should help you destroy the company? This is not a forum for free speech.
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Please post this topic in the “Site Feedback” category. But maybe this topic too will be deleted - and your account sin binned.

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If you want to fight Purism, don’t expect help from Purism. Sorry, but I hope you understand.

PS. I won’t ban for it, but I will suspend accounts that try to repost deleted stuff.


@Jumba_Jamba: I’m not sure; yet from your sobbing, I take it your currency is pettiness? Don’t you realize that your navel objective shoots the other early adoptors in the foot?

Even if you disagree with others, please don’t post personal attacks.


@dcz: You accuse me of ad hominem?

I’m pivoting a question related to a post by a given person in an attempt to understand the point of view. Please note everything I wrote is in the form of a question.

I hope that you can see how what you wrote can be (mis)understood as an affront. Question or not.

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With hatred and ignorance anyone can be made an enemy.