Lead time for new Librem 5

I am thinking seriously on purchasing a Librem 5 USA model. Does anyone know how long it will take before it is shipped to my address the day I place/pay for the phone? YouTube video’s show in some cases it took three years and this was in 2019.


New orders for Librem 5 USA currently ship in 10 business days. New orders for regular Librem 5 won’t ship until the existing queue is cleared, which is expected to happen in a few months.


but could be longer.

Based on prior experience, Purism needs to be careful with setting expectations. The actual web site is saying

The Librem 5 is expecting long shipping delays due to parts procurement lead-times


Currently shipping backlogs … 52 weeks

But that’s all the Librem 5 Vanilla Edition and the OP asked about the Librem 5 USA Edition … so “10 business days” it is.

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