Ledger wallet compatibility with Debian

Hi, I am just getting used to my new Librem 14 and Linux. I have been scouring web posts and searching to see if it’s possible to configure this PureOs laptop to use drivers for Ledger hardware devices. I loaded Ledger software through the terminal no problem. It seems my computer will not interface with the USB hardware wallets. Can anyone confirm if this can be fixed? If not, it’s time to buy a Trevor wallet for use on this OS. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks,

It might help if you provide the make/model of the ledger.

Also some output of sudo dmesg -T after you plug the ledger in, also sudo lsusb might help.

Another option which will make more sense for you, is to ask the ledger maker if they support Linux.

I have tried both Nano S and Nano x with the same results so far. Ledger says the devices are compatible out of the box with Ubuntu. I realize Ubuntu is configured for ease of use with third party apps. Unfortunately Ledger customer support is very slow and often not too helpful. I have not been able to find a firm yes or no anywhere regarding if it’s even possible to use these hardware wallets with Debian OS. I appreciate the commands you suggested. The terminal recognizes the device after typing the commands. The Ledger Live GUI still won’t connect to either wallet device though. I will keep searching. Thank you,

wget -q -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LedgerHQ/udev-rules/master/add_udev_rules.sh | sudo bash

If anyone else is interested, Ledger wallets work fine with PureOs. The above commands in the terminal will do the trick.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

For other users see below :

I heavily advise against running shell scripts directly from the web from a form. That is a very bad behavior.

Audit the script 1st

I see you got the udev rules figured out. That is usually the issue for recognizing the hardware wallets.

All that said, If you are a purism customer you likely see value in open vs closed source projects. I’d recommend you consider the Trezor Model T. If I’m looking for a hardware wallet I’d lean to the Trezor over Ledger.

Additionally, depending on how long you’ve had a Ledger, know that their customer database was hacked. Watch out for phishing emails and text messages. There have been a ton out there trying to get owners to click the links.

Here is the link for udev setup from Trezor.