Lenov 15 external dispay and Librem 13 V 14

I am usin L13V4 with Ubuntu 22.04.2LTS
I bought Lenovo 15.6" external display
I am not able to make my L13 see this monitor - has any one used such a monitor ?
Any davice?
Thank you

The usb-c port on the L13 does not support display output like that monitor is expecting. You may be able to find some sort of HDMI->USB-C adapter that would work to connect the HDMI port on the l13 to the usb-c input on that monitor but I wouldn’t count on it.

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ok that’s what I suspected.
Thank you for your reply

I would return it and get one that gives a choice of HDMI input or USB-C input i.e. two video input sockets on the monitor.

There are two benefits to connecting such a display via USB-C.

  1. If the display has a touchscreen then touch events can go back via USB. Doesn’t seem to apply here at all.
  2. The display can be powered by the host laptop. Unclear whether that applies here i.e. unclear how the monitor is powered.

Thanks. That’s a good idea
Can you recommend any??