Let's crowdfund some development to get PureOS Crimson ready for L5!

I’ll admit that I won’t be contributing to the public offering campaign until it is close to the end of it, probably. There are matters I need to take care of first but should be resolved by then. Others may be waiting until around the end to contribute as well so the number might jump at that time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The fund your app page shows us which apps are the most requested by our supporters, who invested in porting them to the mobile platform. However, before being able to invest into specific apps, we had to (and still have to) focus on the foundations of the phone (PureOS, Phosh, Phoc, LibAdwaita, Calls, Chats, Suspend, BT support…). The reality is that even Firefox and Signal users will expect a phone with solid basic phone features, good battery life and a strong OS experience. We have worked on Firefox to make it usable and be the default browser in the Librem 5 but we haven’t had enough funds yet, to allocate specific development to those requested apps on top of the priorities listed above.

I think we did this kind of per app funding campaign too early and that it would have worked once the base system was ready. We are not there yet, so I was thinking we may have to change the way “fund your app” works and become “fund PureOS” toward a pretty strong mobile experience before we can start to correctly invest into other apps.



absolutely correct, stable functions are more important than 1034856678 features additional. If phone calls, mail, Telegram and Signal are working and the Authenticator as addon I will be happy


Calls, calls, calls, calls, calls, calls. Please support calls, please. Calls. Where do I give my money for Calls. Anybody?


So, you have two choices here:

  1. Wait until Purism releases new products, then purchase them.
  2. Invest in the public offering campaign.

If you do not like either options, then consider my post about funding Dorota at the beginning of this thread.


For me at minimum 5 more :wink:

I think sometimes that the producers of phones like Purism or Pine underestimate the importance of making reliable!!! calls. They often say us that we have a mini computer in our pocket for all the places we go.
But phone calls are at least for me the absolute base for all I do with a smartphone. Without reliable calls I do not need a smartphone - regardless who is the producer or programmer.

Just my 5 cents



I am actually considering to buy Sony Xperia 10 III and a SailfishOS license. It has been an interesting experiment, but I need a fully functional phone. In its current state, Librem 5 just doesn’t cut it for me.


I also have had a Sony phone + Sailfish OS. But I have the impression that Sailfish is quite dead

Librem5 could be used as daily with a lot of love and patience :wink:

But in aspects of reliability and energy consumation and phone calls there is a lot to do!


Oh, but I’ve been daily driving it for about a year now, with a lot of love and patience. I’ve been supplementing it with my old Motorola running LineageOS. The thing is that I’ve noticed that I almost completely falled back to the Motorola, except for phone calls and SMS, since my SIM is in Librem 5.

I have many issues with it, but most critical are:

  • heat - it gets so hot sometimes, that I need to put it away to cool down, especially in summer
  • battery life - it drains battery like there’s no tomorrow, during what I would consider normal usage
  • new battery purchase (I’m in Europe, and my battery is at 85% health now)
  • occasional reboots, loss of wifi/bluetooth, and cellular connection

Without these issues fixed, I cannot consider it a reliable phone, ready for normal daily usage.


I can agree with this issues. Especially on longer phone calls I think that my ear burns away and the battery goes empty in big steps.
I have ordered an spare battery in the US store and paid, but nothing up to now has arrived.
The occaional reboots were rare ATM and the reliability is … not perfect … but usable here. In Germany I have Vodafone with VoLTE and generally it works fine and the sound on calls is something like excellent.
But suspend has to be better and the energy consumption has a lot of room to be better

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Got it. Thank you.

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Keep Guard @dos @dcz @martinkeplinger @angus.ainslie


we may have to change the way “fund your app” works and become “fund PureOS” toward a pretty strong mobile experience

I think a more Kickstarter style could work where various options could be presented and funds taken if the goal is met. It would be interesting to know how much would need to be raised to realistically get Crimson over the line.


It is interesting that people are willing to pay money (I believe) and have common goals (I believe) but Purism apparently cannot help achieve those goals or help make achieving said goals a little easier. I must say that I am frustrated by the disconnect between users and the company. I have been an ardent fanboy for as long as anybody but my patience is wearing rather thin.


This is and was at every time the problem of all FOSS phone systems up to now. Instead of working together the companies and programmers work side a side at the same problems and apps. Thousands of worthful coding hours were spent to solve the same problems 5 times at the same time in 5 different companies…

ATM the next FOSS system is stuck and nobody can estimate a time when it will go further.

I fear that money does not solve the problem. The problem seems to reside in other - very other regions of work and sympathy


Ok. I agree in many respects. I am happy that people, companies, developers, are making an effort. I just had a discussion with my spouse about the pitfalls of socialism vs. capitalism. I am no political philosopher. Just interested in how humans communicate/collaborate on shared ideas.

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progammers are also -like we - normal people :wink:

They have love and hate between them like any others. So I can understand the animosities which are often stronger then the needs to do for bringing a project to a glorious future

Up to now I cannot understand some decisions that were made 2019 and after in the FOSS phone scene


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I’m not sure what makes you think so. In my experience, the collaboration with people from like-minded projects has been stellar. I have personally “shamelessly stolen” things developed by, say, postmarketOS and Mobian communities to put them into PureOS, just like they did with our stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Being one of the people who performed that work, I really can’t complain in this area - it always felt like despite being split into separate projects, we were working together towards a common goal anyway.

Also, I can’t really even list 5 companies seriously investing into this space. In fact, over the last years, I can only think of one that had significantly invested holistically, and perhaps one or two more if we look at particular subsets of the stack (unless we count things like Sailfish, KaiOS, Tizen etc. but that’s a completely different business space that’s hard to compare).

Or are you talking about how there are several DEs, distros and other competing projects out there? Of course there are, people are free to put their efforts into whatever they want for whatever reason they have. People’s needs and motivations vary, and the landscape of available options simply represents that, just like it does in software on desktops, in businesses, in foods, in entertainment, in relationships, even laws differing between countries…

If we want mobile GNU/Linux space to be healthy, we need more than a single entity pouring money into it, otherwise it suffers as soon as that single entity has any troubles with continuing to do so.